Yacht charter in Brandenburg, Mecklenburg und Berlin
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Yacht charter in Brandenburg, Mecklenburg
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In Germany, the yacht charter business is dominated by boats with aft cabins. It is rare to see classic yachts with an open cockpit on the waterways of Brandenburg, Berlin or Mecklenburg.

Anna Blume Boat Hire is different: we deliberately do without the additional berths of an aft cabin on all our yachts and thereby achieve more elbow room and living space on board.
Charterboot Anna Karenina

Our flagship, the "Anna Karenina"

A 12-metre, steel yacht with living space, innovative technology and a luxurious interior.
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Charterboot Anna Blume

"Anna Blume", the pilot boat

The Kent 28 is a motor yacht built on the classic lines of an English pilot boat.
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Havelkreuzer Piet Hein

Havel cruiser "Piet Hein"

This hardy, Dutch seafarer, made available to us by its owner, strengthens our fleet.
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Lounge boat Don Giovanni

Lounge boat "Don Giovanni"

The Don Giovanni is a gem made out of teak and mahogany - elegant, comfortable and quick.
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Lucia, teh sloop

Sloop "Lucia"

The Lucia, our classic motor sloop, is an ideal boat for a trip with friends.
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