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Map of the region
Peaceful, crystal clear lakes and enchanting canals. Large, scenic rivers and historic hydraulic engineering. Unassuming, small towns and the city of Berlin. The possibilites really are endless. Our marina in Zehdenick is an ideal starting point for the boating holiday.

Heading north from Zehdenick you can reach the unique Lesser Lake District of Mecklenburg in a day. Germany's largest lake, the Müritz, lies further to the north. From the Müritz westwards, another three large lakes and the Müritz-Elde waterway come together to link the lakes with the Elbe at Dömitz.

If you are looking for peace and quiet in high summer, and you also want to avoid having to wait at locks, you would do well to keep to the nearby waterways of northern Brandenburg. It is sometimes almost solitary when you travel via Oranienburg in the waterways of Ruppin. You can experience four centuries of hydraulic engineering by passing through the locks of the Finow Canal, the locks taking you downwards, the ship's hoist bringing you back up again.

It is not far from Zehdenick to Berlin. After one day travelling southwards on the Havel, you can finish off your boating holiday by visiting Germany's capital city. How about mooring overnight with the Reichstag in full view? Or you can charter a sloop for a one-day outing and starting off right in the middle of Berlin.

Two other possibilities heading south of Berlin: from Köpenick on the Dahme river or south-west of the city via Potsdam and Brandenburg to reach the mouth of the Havel.

Experienced skippers with more time on their hands can do the entire loop. The trip carries on via the Upper Havel to Berlin. From here, you continue along the Havel through Potsdam and Brandenburg and finally pass by Havelberg on the Elbe. Continuing down the Elbe takes you to the mouth of the Elde at Dömitz. The Müritz-Elde waterway leads you to Lake Plauer and from here through the large lakes and the Lesser Lake District back to the starting point. You should plan at least three weeks to complete this journey.