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Boating holidays between Berlin und Mecklenburg

In brief
Map of the region
North Brandenburg
Upper Havel
Ruppin waters
The Finow Canal
Lake Werbellin
South Brandenburg
Northern Brandenburg The lakes, rivers and canals in northern Brandenburg are less well known than those in the Mecklenburg Lake District - but no less beautiful. Even in high summer, you can spend a relaxing boating holiday here. You can even find many solitary locations, should you wish to.

The Upper Havel meanders along its natural channel. Near to Burgwall, the canal branches off westwards and leads to the solitary Lake Wentow. The Templin waters lie to the east. Further upstream, you follow the Havel through the rather untamed Schorfheide until you reach Himmelpfort, where the Lychen waters branch off.

Once you have passed through Lehnitz lock (the only one where you often have to wait a long time), it is not far before you reach the Ruppin waters: it is barely credible that such untouched nature can be found right at the gates of Berlin! On the idyllic Lake Ruppin lies Neuruppin - the city of Fontane and Schinkel.

The historic Finow Canal, the oldest man-made waterway in Germany, starts only a few kilometers from Zehdenick. The canal leads downstream into Oderbruch through twelve hand-operated locks. The way back via the ship's hoist in the Havel-Oder waterway is a particular experience. There is usually enough time during a week-long outing for a detour to the deep and crystal clear waters of Lake Werbellin.